Miit is a dynamic and innovative company, specializing in organizational performance, performance enhancement, leadership development, marketing and event management. Our field of expertise is broad. We have forty years of experience in the industry along with previous international executives and top athletes. Together with you we enable a seamless transformation with our full suite of integrated solutions. We have your interest at heart, with the belief that your success is a mark of ours. 

Your Business Is Our Business

Our Miit team distinguishes itself because of a few things. First of all, we try to really understand your business by diving in headfirst. Together with you we breathe life into your data, draw insights and develop strategies to create relevant and impactful interventions through sustainable implementations. 

From Vision To Results

Our Services 

Management Consulting

Performance Management

Leadership Development


Cross cultural communication & ethical dilemmas

Asian business culture

Organizational Psychology

Change Management

Human Capital & Organizatonal Culture

Research, Analytics & Insights 

Event Management 

Corporate Parties & Events

Kick Offs & Team Building

Seminars & Congresses

Incentive & BOD Trips

Beyond Covid-19 Solutions


High End

Travel & Tourism

World known speakers

strategy launches

Executive Performance Coaching

Performance Enhancement

Gain Clarity In Your Purpose 

Improve Time Management 

Increase Leadership Effectiveness

Increase Work Performance



Growth Mindset

Get Your Winning Edge

Through High Perforformance 

At Miit we believe in inspiring people through our energetic business approach that emphasizes social engagement, growth mindset and high-quality connections between everyone in the organization.

Where nothing is set in stone, everything can be challenged. Our purpose is to make work fun, while creating value for you, your shareholders, and clients.

We do business transformations. The whole nine yards. Our goal is to get you and your company to your next business destination and help you gain competitive advantages. We do this by combining your expertise with our mastery. Our work is recognized as a group endeavor, where collaboration and ideation shine through from start to end.

Together with you we turn fear into fun, and mediocre performance into extraordinary.

We believe that the most meaningful way to success, is to make other people succeed. 


Redefining Excellence

How Can We Help You?

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Management Consulting 

Our advisors and specialists have a proven track record within performance management, change management and leadership development with well documented results within and away from your niche. We have vast executive experience from Norway and Asia.  

Event Management

Build a strong brand and strengthen your relationship with employees, customers, and clients through strategical event marketing. 

Corporate Philosophy

Miit's vision is to inspire humanity to act. Together as a team we will help you solve your company's challenges and gain competitive advantages.


Miit was established in Norway 2008. We started our journey with one office in Stavanger and grew into an international mid player with regional presence in Europe, The U.S. and Asia.

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